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      Raw, Biodynamic Royal Jelly - 10g



      One of the greatest natural revitalizers, our royal jelly is harvested according to our Gentle Beekeeping methods, and directly put in resealable directly after extraction. It is a powerful physical and mental regenerator with soothing yin properties. Also can be used topically as an anti-wrinkle treatment.

      36.65 EUR
      Gelée Royale Paléo
      Gelée Royale 100% BIO
      Gelée Royale Made in France
      Apiculture douce®
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      Product Description

      Revitalise yourself!

      Rich and versatile: Royal Jelly's powerful revitalising properties ensure the protection and reinforcement of body, mind and energy. Helps to promote emotional and female hormonal balance (menopause, fertility), as well as calm and tranquility.

      Used on the skin, it regenerates, nourishes and lifting effect on your skin (see natural beauty recipe). Suitable for the whole family, it looks after tired, stressed, convalescent persons, seniors, athletes...


      Why is our Royal Jelly effective? 

      Noble origins

      • 100% French, raw, organic royal jelly, harvested and packaged with love in the Pyrenees
      • Taken from select hives placed in pristine foraging areas
      • Biodynamic
      • Harvested at the least impactful time of year for the hive, to assure healthy queen bee reproduction
      • No mechanical extraction or freezing
      • Hand-packaged within the hours of the harvest
      • Very stable, excellent preservation in proper environments
      • Rich in living and bioavailable active properties

      The possible presence of small grains shows the raw nature of our Royal Jelly. Guaranteed high quality.


      100% French Organic Royal Jelly*.

      *Certified organic ingredients. Certified by Qualité-France SAS - FR BIO-10 Union Européenne. Keep your royal jelly refrigerated before and after opening.

      Suitable for children over 36 months under adult supervision. 1 jar of 10g, delivered in an isothermal box with instructions.

      Suggested Use

      10g = 25 day cure.

      Each morning before breakfast, take one 400mg dose (spoon provided). Let it melt under the tongue while relaxing yourself for a reinforced bioenergetic effect. Wait for 15 minutes before eating. Very useful at any time, particularly during seasonal changes to vitalise your organism. Very concentrated, economic use.

      Keep your royal jelly refrigerated before and after opening.

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