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      Guardian Angel lozenges



      First cold Sweet throatrnSeasonal changes

      7.91 EUR
      Action douce
      Matières apicoles 100% BIO
      Made in France
      Apiculture douce®
      Convient aux enfants de plus de 36 mois

      Product Description

      BEES & HEALTH, family range

      How do they work?

      Their bioformulation, inspired by an ancestral formula, combines a well-balanced content in purified raw propolis (1%) and in strained honey for a bactericidal and soothing action. Long established effectiveness.

      The flat tablet format enables :

      • Extended contact with your mouth's mucous membranes, for quick assimilation of the active agents and strengthened bio-energizing action.

      • Greated safety for small children

      Home-made production originating from our bees

      • 100% organic ingredients
      • Unrefined cane sugar
      • Handcrafted production limited to 2500 units/month
      • Natural flavour originated from the ingredients
      • No preservatives or colorants.
      • 100g


      Wheat syrup *
      , cane sugar *, honey * 10%, black propolis extract* 1%

      *Organically sourced ingredients.

      Controlled production method. Characteristics certified by BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFICATION 92046 PARIS LA DÉFENSE.

      Suggested use

      Place a sweet under your tongue and then suck it for a long time. As soon as it gets cold : use 4 up to 5 sweets a day to protect you from agressions.
      To soothe your throat : suck 4 to 5 sweets a day.
      Do not exceed 5 sweets a day for an adult and 3 sweets a day for children.
      For more intense effects, use Protectives gums from the Pyrénées, or the Emergency nomadic spray.

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