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      Yellow propolis tablets with Hive Elixirs



      Nutricosmetic dietary supplement. The yellow propolis extract purifies and cleanses your skin from the inside, and the hive elixirs act positively on your emotional sphere.

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      Apiculture DOUCE
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      100% d'actifs naturels
      Made in Hautes-Pyrénées


      20 day cure.
      This innovating Nutricosmetic food supplement with a high concentration of yellow propolis for a deep and durable action:

      - Strengthens natural defences,
      - Purifies, revitalises and remineralises: to better face natural aggressions (cold, sun, wind), temporary digestive troubles, urinary system and vaginal flora balance.
      - As a Nutricosmetic: the yellow propolis tablets encourage the building of the major components of the skin (collagen and elastin). It helps to soothe oily and juvenile skin.
      - Emotional life: "Hive Wood Elixir" is a high dilution of dynamised mother-essence propolis, protects our immune defences from painful emotions and helps to keep control of events without feeling threatened. For juvenile skins check out our pack "Beauty Ritual" cure. 

      Did you know? A Nutricosmetic is a product which nourishes your skin from the inside by eating ingredients enriched in active principles to purify your body. We must remember that they contain all the information of the product. When you eat food, you absorb its message. You are what you eat!


      - Artisanal preparation, with the products harvested in our apiaries and from our bees that are taken care of with love.
      - Exclusive gentle extraction method on a white clay bed.
      - 100% organic raw materials from beehives located in local micro-regions.
      Maximum concentration: 30 % of dry yellow propolis extract.


      Dehydrated rice syrup*, dry propolis extract* (30 %), magnesium carbonate (13.3 %), silica (1.7%), sunflower oil*.
      *Organically sourced ingredients - Certified by Qualité-France SAS - Le Guillaumet 92046 Paris La Défense.

      No synthesis additives. Natural smell from the ingredients. Not tested on animals. Store out of reach of children. Suitable for children over 36 month under adult supervision.

      Box with 40 tablets (22g).


      Recommended daily dose

      Adults: 6 tablets (propolis extract = 990mg)
      Children: 1 tablet crushed and mixed in food if necessary (propolis extract = 165mg)


      Immediate defence: take 2 tablets at morning, lunch and dinner, chew or swallow, during 5 days. 

      Purifying and protective cure: (to purify the orgasm, correct juvenile skin imperfections, to have a clear skin that breaths): during spring and autumn, take one tablet in the morning and evening for 20 days. 

      Children older than 36 months: under adult supervision, give one tablet a day crushed and mixed in food. 

      Take as part of a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Respect the indicated daily dose. Store at ambient temperature.


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