Our Philosophy

The Ballot-Flurin honey-farm was born in the heart of the Pyrenees, in south-western France, set in beautiful countryside that is full of life and proud of its traditions, a place where bees can be happy.


How can we claim fitness and well-being if we buy a product that helps exploit bees, pollute our environment and create unemployment? In order to maintain our health and feel profoundly beautiful and balanced, it is necessary to collaborate with the bees, our environment and human society in general. The bees nourish, but they also heal and beautify. Our health foods and beauty preparations have already convinced and satisfied thousands of passionate users. Our products are unique, they are natural, organically certified and certified Cosmebio, moreover, they are free from any synthetic elements (pesticides, preservatives). And there is much more to say ...


The effectiveness of our preparations originates from three generations of experience in gentle medicine, and from the love that we carry to our bees. We have devoted our lives to learning the language of bees to better collaborate with the hive: we take care of it, and in return, we receive as an offering treasures of the beehive of exceptional quality as they are obtained in the respect: honey, royal jelly, propolis, pollen ... Raw materials are produced and processed on site with beekeepers in our active countryside. These precious energised ingredients are delivered intact to you thanks to artisanal methods of manufacturing based on manual, low-tech, and nonpolluting processes.


  • The family that founded Ballot-Flurin is still at the head of the company and has not had external capital, 
  • Pioneers of organic beekeeping : an important player in the first specifications for organic beekeeping established in 1977 and Gentle beekeeping. Ballot-Flurin continues every day to imagine the « organic » of the future, 
  • We guarantee that bees are respected and raised with love and respect so that they continue to live and accompany us,
  • Our raw materials and our preparations are all organically certified,
  • All of our preparations are made in France with Gentle and non-polluting methods,
  • 100 % of our propolis extracts are artisanally made in the Hautes-Pyrénées and according to our patented and scientifically validated processes,
  • We do not practice any tests on animals,
  • We contribute to the preservation of nature by choosing packaging, materials, and methods with the least impact on the environment,
  • We contribute to making our countryside more lively by creating employment in our villages of the Hautes-Pyrénées,
  • We are committed to telling the truth on the origins of our materials and to communicate in an authentic and genuine manner.
  • GENTLE Beekeeping

    Apiculture DOUCE® is the product of 30 years of research. It is governed by an innovative charter that aims to create top-quality organic products in a way that cares for bees, our world and its inhabitants.

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    A pioneer woman's story

    The Ballot-Flurin story began in 1976 when a young student who was fascinated by bees, decided to become a beekeeper... Catherine became to bees what horse-whisperers are to their mounts...

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    Dynamising life forces

    The ancients were well aware that nature is possessed by subtle forces that cannot be detected by our five senses but which are crucial to our health and well-being. All our bee products and honeys contain these precious, mysterious forces.

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    Workshops And Training Courses

    Découvrez nos conférences, ateliers et formations.

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