Our Philosophy

The Ballot-Flurin honey-farm was born in the heart of the Pyrenees, in south-western France, set in beautiful countryside that is full of life and proud of its traditions, a place where bees can be happy.


Since the dawn of time, the treasures of the hive (propolis, royal jelly, pollen ...) have been beneficial for people.


What is Apitherapy ?

Propolis, royal jelly, pollen and other treasures from the hive, have extremely beneficial virtues. These apiarian treasures are respected and considered sacred. In the Pharaohs' Egypt, 4,000 years ago, Smith's papyrus describes in detail more than 48 traditional uses of hive products... What we now call Apitherapy was also practised by the Incas, the Chinese, the Greeks, the Romans... This millenary knowledge was rediscovered a few decades ago by a handful of researchers in search of natural practices of form and well-being.

Apitherapy is now recognised as a modern discipline with increasing notoriety. A large number of research results are published. Several scientific congresses are held every year.


The secrets of Apitherapy:

The evident simplicity of the beekeeping materials must not deceive. Whether it is propolis, honey or royal jelly, the bees' productions possess unique and complex alchemies, composed of a multitude of ingredients drawn directly from nature. For instance, propolis is composed on average of approximately 300 constituents, counting resins and balms, essential oils, trace elements, plenty of vitamins, aromatic composites. Unlike synthetic products, the chemical composition of the products of the hive is constantly shifting: there is no 2 identical propolis. This prevents micro-organisms from mutating.


Ballot-Flurin organic preparations:


All of Ballot-Flurin's preparations are 100% natural and of exceptional quality, with utter bioavailability ( the ability of the body to absorb and assimilate an element).


1 - All our beekeeping materials meet a demanding internal charter. Every ingredient from the hive is 100% organic and dedicated for care, beauty and well-being. We produce them and we transform them according to a double specification: AB (organic agriculture) and Apiculture DOUCE®. Through comprehensive laboratory analysis, we ensure that the harvested material does not contain any pesticides (zero tolerance) or pathogenic microorganisms according to the harmonised European (2.6.13) and American (62) pharmacopoeias.


2 - We favour the beekeeping materials and local botanical ingredients, coming from the same biotope. This strengthens their bioavailability and secures supreme traceability (from the flower to the product, certification by bailiff).


3 - Our exclusive manufacturing processes, based on long macerations and manual mixing, ensure a richness in active principles, a living structure and an excellent vibratory field, guaranteeing the quality of our preparations.


4 - Our know-how is recognised by the international community. Our own advances in GENTLE Beekeeping, energy and dynamization are subject to official patents are frequently cited.


All of our products have proved their effectiveness (clinical tests, pharmacovigilance).

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