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      The first factory to be designed with an organic flow, it is based on the principles of a natural eco-system. The Bee Factory was built around the concept of the beehive, from which its energy emanates. It is a workplace but also a living space, containing a house, a kitchen, a lounge, a garden, and a patio, all open for use at any time of the day.

      Principle of Minimalist Construction

      The Bee Factory is located on the site of the former Lasalle woodworking factory. It was built in 1820 but had been abandoned for decades. Artist and designer Olivier Raud, inspired by sacred geometry, has truly transformed the location. The buildings were refashioned with a specially created architecture, partitioning the space using a single unit of measurement – the Langstroth measure, or the dimensions of a beehive. Everything has been made using extraordinary materials: local earth and stone for the walls, polished limestone for the floor, carefully selected woods and metals.

      The Boutique

      The Mandala Philosophy

      After 8 days spent living amongst the bees, Belgian artist Charley Case was inspired by these tiny winged creatures to create a monumental piece of art. Using black propolis as his paint, the design symbolizes the life cycle of Man and of the Bee. The human footprint represents the start of the lifecycle.

      The Polariser

      An original artwork by Oliver Raud. The ball of shungite mineral at the centre of the piece has the power to cancel out electromagnetic waves. The work is also painted in gold leaf for further transmissive vigour. The polariser diffuses a special energy enabling the whole room to be polarised.

      Polarised Wooden Beehives

      Our beehives in the Pyrénées and Provence are polarised. We respect the tree as a living thing, and we build our beehives like a small cathedral, taking into account the natural growth of the wood. We also work on desks made of polarised wood, measured and made using the dimensions of honeycomb cells.

      The Preparation Table

      All orders for our private customers are prepared on site. The order preparation table is made out of polarised wood, and the packaging is made out of organic materials which are good for the environment: paper, cardboard, everything is compostable. A short, personalised, hand written note explaining our mission is placed in each parcel.

      The Bee Room

      This room takes its name from a wild colony of bees that spontaneously set up home here. They live above us and can be seen flying around outside. It’s an avant garde meditation area, where we go to relax and revitalise.

      The Door Frame

      This polariser was designed by Oliver Raud, who observed the effect of the hive frames built by the bees when placed overhead. A great way to avoid headaches!

      The Lakhovsky Machine

      A magnetic pad is connected to a Lakhovsky machine, which emits solar-powered electromagnetic waves and named after its Russian scientist inventor.

      Stock in the Open Space

      This is where we keep our finished product. We keep as little stock as possible as our products use fresh ingredients and are prepared to order. There is no wifi in this area so as to limit electromagnetic interference, the storeroom measures 168m² in size (the Golden Ratio); everything is done to ensure that our products maintain their natural energies. All of our primary ingredients from the hive are kept in a separate area based on the golden number of the Langstroth measure, and built entirely of materials that are natural and healthy. In this manner the products are positively charged on the energetic plane from start to finish.

      The Production and Dynamising Lab

      Everything we make is produced in our dynamized fabrication lab. From the flowers to the finished product, from the beehive to the labelling, it all comes through here. Access to the lab is restricted and no chemical preservative nor chemical cleaning product is used. It is fundamental that the microbiota (the ambient balance of natural microorganisms) in the lab is not contaminated by people coming and going. In the changing rooms and in the control lab, the operators clear their electromagnetic charge by walking barefoot on a floor connected to the earth by copper wires. This procedure allows our dynamisers to have the best internal energies to imbue the formulations. We also prefer to work by hand; machines are used only to assist with repetitive tasks without any value-added benefit.

      The Alchemical Extraction Lab

      Behind the windows of this space, all of our propolis is extracted and dynamised. The long manual stirring and maceration are carried out by a specially trained staff. The action of dynamising allows a greater tolerance, a nicer taste and smell, a better antioxidant effect, as well as better conservation. When you mix by hand a vortex spiral forms in the material, depending on the movement and the stirring method (figure of 8, clockwise, anticlockwise). This vortex generates a particular energy in the material that can be felt as you stir. As you dynamise, you are also dynamised in turn. We carry out two different types of extraction: water extraction (white propolis) and an extraction using alcohol (black propolis). Most businesses which carry out the maceration using alcohol (e.g. perfume manufacturers) install electrical suction equipment, high in energy usage. Ballot-Flurin uses a natural air circulation system to ensure that clean air is circulated, without any electrical consumption. The vapours are naturally evacuated through the mesh. In this way energy consumption is minimised, and the scent of propolis can be caught all over our site.

      A Patented Methodology

 The processes of Apiculture DOUCE® are rich and uncompromising because it brings three main dynamizing stages together in a unique methodology, one of the most important elements of our know-how. Our patented procedures maintain and amplify the life force of our formulations. They ensure a better conservation of the materials over time as evidenced by a delicate crystallisation. In this photo, one can see a strong life force contained within, proof of an excellent dynamisation. This is particularly important for the royal jelly as it is very fragile and deteriorates rapidly. We are proud to say that the we do everything to provide beekeeping materials and formulations that are amongst the best in the world.

      The Mead Maker

      At our Hydromiellerie, alchemist Andrew Tape makes mead, a fermentation in the fashion of Pyrenean elixirs, following a Celtic methodology used for the last 2500 years. Mead awakens the soul of the poet and the musician, and gives courage in the face of adversity. It is also really good for intestinal microbiota. The secret of a great mead: a drink fermented from the spring waters of the Pyrénées and raw honey from our beehives.

      The Squirrel House and the Spring

      We called it this because the squirrels come to keep us company in the garden. The water comes from our private well, a source of water that has been in use since Celtic times. The Squirrel House is also a communal living space with a kitchen and a patio for lunch.

      Permaculture Garden and Electroculture

      We let plants grow where they do and we prefer to use locations which don’t need to be worked, and don’t require the addition of artificial soil treatments. By virtue of electroculture we use the natural force, electrovibration of the atmosphere, to have rich growth of vegetation. In our formulations we prefer to use locally-found plants that grow in our region, like mint, wild blackberry, or ribwort.

      The Torus 8

      A geometrical form in copper interpreted by Olivier Raud. It is electrified by the sun. The Torus is a powerful tool in dynamisation. Standing beside or within the structure, our cells feed on the frequencies that they need. To amplify the energetic flow, he created everything around the concept of a tachyonic space, a sort of black hole which forms in matter.