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      Our Bee-Sourced Materials

      From happy and respected bees come healthy and active ingredients

      The language of the bees is the at the heart of Gentle Beekeeping®. Our beekeepers use innovative techiques for relaxation and meditation, like Reiki, to induce a receptive psychological state; this allows for better understanding of the bees. This sensitive approach to life, also called Bee Yoga®, increases our ability to feel their needs and respect their moods (we often tend to our hives without beekeeping suits). It is similar to the ways we “talk” to horses or wolves.

      Biodynamic French Royal Jelly

      A nourishing secretion, royal jelly is a food reserved for the queen and young larvae of the hive. As with essential oils, its strong efficiency is a result of a combination of different components. Take one of its elements, separated from the others, and its efficiency would be vastly diminished. The plural action of the different parts of a product is called synergy.

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      Exceptional Propolis

      Propolis is a strange bouquet of resins mixed with bee secretions. It is what gives the hive its constantly renewed and improved microbial protection.

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      Polyforal Pollen

      This is a richer food than one thinks, the only one on earth to contain all 20 amino acid proteins needed for life, and indispensible to the survival of the hive. No pollen, no protein; no protein, no wax; no wax, no hive!

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      Bee Venom

      Venom is secreted by the bees, queens and workers both, from a specific abdominal gland. It is stoked in reservoirs at the base of the abdomen, attached to a stinger in a very elaborate assembly.

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      Raw, Wild Honeys

      With a total tracability from the flower to the mouth, our honeys are left as untouched as possible by the beekeeper, in the hive all the way to in the jar. They are matured in temperature and light controlled space in our Bio-Reserve, and we offer them to you throughout the year in limited series.

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      Wax is made by young bees of 13 to 18 days old. It is produced from eight little spots on their stomach which shed tiny scales of transparent wax.

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