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      Bee Yoga

      Bee Yoga ®

      Could it be for you?

      Dive into the harmonious world of the bees, in shared sentience with Nature.

      Since time immemorial, humans and bees have lived close together, from sharing the forests to the gardens and houses of the modern day. In past eras each family in the countryside kept hives, being even more the case in many areas around the world, notably Central America.

      The sound of the bees is deeply harmonizing and, merely by listening to it, brings to us a living communication comparable to the music tuning “La”, a beautiful song, or the meditative “Om”. At the Lavra monastery of Kiev, Orthodox monks have long said their prayers while surrounded by the bees.

      Bee Yoga®, a diploma course, introduces new techniques which allow you to approach, little by little, the bees and their hives, and to maximize their benefits: honey body smears licked off by the foragers, nutrition from the hive with propolis, royal jelly, etc. More than anything however, it is the discovery of the world of bees, their language, their mysteries and secrets.

      Practiced by the beekeepers of Ballot-Flurin, Bee Yoga consists of approaching the bees with sensitivity, to touch and be touched by them. It’s a transformative experience, to be remembered for the rest of your days. The actions reduce our fear and disgusts of insects, giving us a new sense of ease with other living creatures, and an open heart to a new universe. This transforms the mind, comforts it, reassures it, and stimulates its creativity and joy. Bee Yoga® is adapted for everyone, children and adults. The general techniques are relaxational and detoxifying to the body. As well, by laying in listen to your inner emotional barometer, you will learn the language of the bees and how to communicate in return.

      Bee Yoga® sessions start in the spring
      Ballot-Flurin is an accepted class-giving organization : n°73650037265.

      To sign up or for more questions, call us at (+33) 05 62 96 49 57

      For anyone wishing to participate, they must first confirm and verify with a doctor that they are not allergic to bee venom.