Our Philosophy

The Ballot-Flurin honey-farm was born in the heart of the Pyrenees, in south-western France, set in beautiful countryside that is full of life and proud of its traditions, a place where bees can be happy.

Dynamising life forces

The ancients were well aware that nature is possessed by subtle forces that cannot be detected by our five senses but which are crucial to our health and well-being. All our bee products and honeys contain these precious, mysterious forces.


Products lovingly made by hand – the natural way

The honey farm-research laboratory is fitted with solar panels, which provide clean electricity.

Manual production techniques. Visitors are often surprised at how little machinery we use. Coming from a line of experts in natural healthcare that’s three generations long, we use the power of time and non-invasive, non-destructive manual production techniques that preserve all the goodness and beneficial properties of our precious harvests. We cut down on electromagnetic radiation by doing as much as possible by hand. The honey is put into pots by hand within hours of being harvested. If several apiculture products have to be blended together (for example, miel de Cure Gelée Royale – honey mixed with Royal Jelly), we preserve their life force energy and vibratory imprints through hand-mixing according to a precise pattern and by adopting an appropriate attitude of emotional calm. None of our products are tested on animals.

Nutritional goodness. We do everything to ensure that our products are bursting with natural active principles (enzymes, vitamins, dietary minerals), thanks to a comprehensive range of stringent apicultural practices: harvesting the honey at peak maturity, filtering by hand, no centrifugation, very rich, long-established foraging areas.

Time, the creative force. We make the vast majority of our products on-site and on a small-scale. Our mini ecologically-friendly production facility is located deep in the countryside where it is governed by the age-old cycles of the natural world.


Product dynamization at each step along the way

Dynamization is a fundamental technique that enables the transmission, intensification and preservation of the subtle forces of the natural world. This procedure impacts on the taste, smell, storage life, potential for allergic reaction and the general health benefits of a given product. It is also good for the health and the safety of the beekeeper. At every stage in the production and packaging processes, we strive to alter the initial cell structure of the product as little as possible and to maximize its beneficial properties. The products are stored close to an active hive for a specific period of time before being put on sale.

Life forces and energyWe take the life force and the energy signature of each ‘raw material’ from the beehive into consideration. Dynamization maintains the balance between these vital forces, with harvests carried out according to the fundamental cycles of the natural world, blending done by hand, lengthy processes of maceration and high dilutions. This unique, ancient expertise significantly increases the effectiveness of the product. A whole range of stringent apicultural practices ensures that our health and beauty products contain the very finest quality natural active principles: acetylcholine, vitamin B5, vitamin B, amino acids etc.

A unique approach. We are the only honey farm to take the life force and the vibrational frequency or energy signature at every stage of production. To date, these forces are not recognized by conventional science although they are indirectly accepted by quantum physics. However, they are acknowledged by alternative medical practices and philosophies such as anthroposophy, ayurvedic medicine from India and Chinese energy medicine, all of which we draw upon.

The way in which we respect all these forces, maintaining the balance between them, is what gives our products their "premium" status. This also significantly adds to the positive effect they have on our health and well-being.


Principles of dynamization

Passive dynamics 
Brought back into favour by Rudolf Steiner and biodynamics, passive dynamics respects the natural cycles of the ingredients being used and nature’s solar, lunar and cosmic cycles. For example, harvesting honey before it has reached peak maturity is like doing the same thing with a fruit, it is detrimental to its quality and reduces the length of time it can be kept. 

Manual Dynamization 
This is the action of humans upon a product. It consists of a process of slow mixing by hand whilst in a calm, positive state of mind. Specifically, it improves the taste of the products and diminishes the risk of potential allergic reactions. To take another example, a home-made cake stirred by hand will be better than a cake made using the same recipe but mixed using a machine.

Standard Dynamization 

Familiar to homeopaths, this involves transmitting a given signature (from a mother tincture of a plant or other product) to a base (water, alcohol, clay in powder form) by means of a precise succession of actions (dilution and vigorous shaking). For example, this method is used to produce Bach Flower remedies, homeopathic remedies and essences made from bee products.


Apiculture DOUCE®’s dynamization method is powerful, pure and authentic as it combines the three major stages of dynamization into an extensive knowledge base which is one of the key facets of our expertise.

Our patented procedures conserve and intensify our products’ life force. They enable them to be stored for longer, as can be seen from the photograph showing the sensitive crystallization of Royal jelly. This photograph demonstrates the presence of very significant life forces, sign of a very successful process of dynamization. This is very important in the case of Royal jelly because this product is fragile and deteriorates quickly.

We are proud to say that we do our utmost to offer you apiculture products that are amongst the very finest to be found anywhere in the world.


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