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      Our Philosophy

      The Ballot-Flurin honey-farm was born in the heart of the Pyrenees, in south-western France, set in beautiful countryside that is full of life and proud of its traditions, a place where bees can be happy.

      BEE YOGA®

      ...IS IT FOR YOU?


      We invite you to join us in taking the plunge into a harmonious existence with bees and Nature.
      For all of history, humans have lived close to bees, as they made their homes in trees, rocks, gardens and houses. In the old days, in the countryside, each family had and nourished a hive, a practice which continues today in places like Central America. The buzzing of bees is profoundly harmonizing and, by merely listening, bring ot our bodies the same powers found in the "OM" of yoga. At the Lavra monastery in Kiev, Orthodox monks routinely pray amongst the hives kept there.
      A diploma-bearing workshop, Bee Yoga® is a new practice which permits us to approach, little by little, the bees and their hives, and benefit from their positive energies. This allows for an utterly unique experiences, such as having honey licked by worker bees from bare skin, and sharing hive-fresh bounties like fresh royal jelly and propolis.
      But overall, it is a discovery of the world of bees, their language, and their secrets.
      Bee Yoga®, practiced by the beekeepers of Ballot-Flurin, consists of approaching the bees with sensitivity and care so as to touch and be touched by them. It is an incomparable and transformative experience. It reduces our fears and disgusts in regard to insects as a whole, an unfairly reviled class of animals. This newfound ease transfers to all living beings, opening us to the universe. It is a subtle change which completely transforms a person, reinvigorating, reassuring and comforting the soul, while stimulating creativity and joie de vivre.
      Bee Yoga® is adapted and safe for all age groups. 
      The teachings begin with relaxing the spirit and detoxifying the body. Following this, and a gauging of emotions, you are taught the language of the bees and how to communicate with them.

      Yoga des abeilles

      These classes are headly yearly on different dates; follow Ballot-Flurin on Facebook for up to date information, or check back here. Most of the classes happen in June.

      Ballot-Flurin is a certified teaching organization, registration : n°73650037265.

      To sign up, contact us at (+33) 562 964 957


      Like anyone who wishes to become a beekeeper, a new practitioner of Bee Yoga must be verified non-allergic to bee venom by a trained doctor. 





      Want to learn how to make bee-based crafts in a fun environment?
      Come visit us at the Pavillon des Abeilles in Cauterets, France, for an introductory course on gingerbreads and candles! Old and young alike are entertained by this short class, where they are taught an ancestral gingerbread recipe and how to make simple candles from pure beeswax! 

      Everyone leaves with their creations as well as the know-how to remake them again and again!


      Place : Pavillon des Abeilles, 23 av. du Mamelon Vert 65110 Cauterets
      Date : Thursday afternoons during February holidays
       : 2hr classes, starting at 2:30pm
      Price :16.50€/person
      Contact : (+33) 562 925 066