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      Pansamiel® - Honey in tube



      Pansamiel® is a 100% natural solution to repair skin rapidly with its organic honey in an airless tube in case of a domestic accident.

      9.04 EUR
      Matières apicoles 100% BIO
      Certifié Cosmos Organic
      Apiculture douce®
      S'emporte partout


      Careful selection of fresh local beekeeping materials presented in their purest form

      - 100% organic honey from apiaries located on our preserved micro-regions
      - Guaranteed in microbiological compliance with the harmonised European and US pharmacopoeia for dermal application
      - Naturally rich in natural enzymes
      - Honey harvested at full maturity
      - Manual uncapping with knife
      - Unpasterised honey, cold extraction and not treated with gamma rays
      - Absence of contaminants

      The bees narrate history

      Honey has been used since ancient times. In Western countries, the advent of synthetic chemistry was consigned to oblivion tens of centuries of knowledge and experience. It was not until a few pioneers for honey to be used again on the skin.


      local honey*. *Oganically sourced ingredients. No preservatives or colouring

      30g tube.


      Pansamiel® is guaranteed to be in microbiological compliance with the harmonised European and US pharmacopeia for dermal application. It is rich in natural enzymes and can be applied directly on our skin thanks to its clean at practical tube. To quickly obtain smooth and sain skin after a domestic cutaneous accident. Suitable for the whole family. Store at room temperature.  

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