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      • Fresh Legs Thermal Gel
        A refreshing gel for fast relief. Ideal for tired legs after long days, intense physical activity, or heat waves.
        • Reinvigorating Refreshment
        • 37.5% thermal spring waters from Cauterets*, recognized for its use in rheumatology.
        • Cosmos Organic
      • Heaven's Dew Elixir - 5ml
        Joy of living, youthfulness
      • Oh, I'm digesting
        Digestion grog with acacia honey, pollen and peppermint
      • Pyrenees Healing Balm
        Protects - Soothes - Cleanses
        Inspired by an old shepherd's recipe, this multipurpose regenerating balm is a faithful friend for any occasion. This product is concentrated in black propolis and beeswax from our hives and rich in medicinal plants, it protects and repairs lips and skin.
        Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, and children over the age of 7. Pleasant and natural fragrance.  
      • Tonic Friction
        Stimulating and soothing.
        This propolis tonic friction soothes, energises and relieves heavy-feeling legs from stiffness or tired muscles. This lotion stimulates, prepares and warms up before and after exercise. It is ideal for physical activities, busy days and preserves sensitive areas. Its cooling effect and natural invigorating scent soothe and stimulate you.
      • White honey soap from our countrysides
        Provide your skin and senses with the fabulous properties of white beauty honey and energetic elixirs. This very mild multi-use soap cleanses and softens skin gently and perfectly. Natural and discreet scent.

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