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      • Emergency Spray - 15ml Nomad Format

        A spray made from black propolis extract (57g propolis per 100g organic cognac). Efficient and portable protective cure for dry, cold conditions, and irritated throats. For a fast-acting comforting effect in all seasons.

        For adults only.

      • Eucalyptus Pyrenean Gums
        For irritated throats. Powerful, purifying and toning action.
      • Gommes Fortes Pyrénées
        Riches en actifs apicoles et plantes médicinales.
        • 50% de miel de nos récoltes
        • 8% d'extrait de propolis de terroir
        • 3 plantes locales : thym, ronce et ortie
      • Guardian Angel lozenges
        First cold Sweet throatrnSeasonal changes
      • Organic Black Propolis Spray
        A powerful, organic multi-purpose cure for enhanced natural protection against illness, infection, and health other problems. The high concentration of polyphenols and antioxidants in black propolis allows for fast reinforcement of your natural defences, fortifying your body and helping re-establish a healthy internal balance. The spray format allows for easy portability and use. 

        Contains alcohol, for adults only.
      • Organic Propolis Alcohol-Free Spray
        Propolis has an action on skin imperfections, on oral hygiene and also activates natural immunity. Our propolis spray is practical, easy to carry around with you and regulates the natural defences, purifies, cleanses and regenerates blemished skin. We make this alcohol-free propolis spray with spring water from the Pyrenees which offers freshness and hydration to your skin at all times.
      • Organic Propolis Gums - No added sugar
        First irritations
      • Propolis Winter Syrup

        This pleasant tasting syrup is enriched with black propolis extract and locals herbs to protect your throat against the damaging effects of winter. The propolis and honey soothe the respiratory tract, calms the throat and gently stimulates the body's natural resistance. The syrup combines the purifying properties of black propolis, with a bio-complex of forest honey, local plants and cider vinegar, to soothe, clear and cleanse. 

      • Raw Propolis

        Grand Cru local pure and fresh propolis. We harvest ou organically certified, GOLD propolis according to GENTLE beekeeping (Apiculture DOUCE®), an exclusive harvesting method developed by Catherine Flurin. This premium quality "Grand Cru" pure propolis is presented ready for consumption, in its original natural form, just as produced by the bees and without human intervention.

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