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      • Alcohol-Free Propolis Extract

        This alcohol-free propolis extract is a useful multipurpose product designed specifically for the natural health of children (over 36 months), and adults who prefer not to consume alcohol. Seasonal sensitivities (March to September): sensitive throat, drippy eyes, runny nose, sneezing, and tiredness. The alcohol-free propolis extract contributes to regulating the body's defences in the event of hypersensitivity to pollens, hay, dust, animal fur and mites. The natural defences of the body: activates, generally fortifies, recommended in the winter season and when practising sports. Mouthwash, ear wash, rinsing out the nose: purifies and moisturises. Ideal to use after having brushed your teeth and when wearing a dental prosthesis. Compatible with the natural flora of the mouth. Healthy care for the auditory and nasal passages.

        Increase the effect of propolis while regulating your emotional reactions with the Bee Venom Elixir.

      • Bee Venom Elixir - 5ml

        I am calm and confront my past. I accept and love myself as I am.

      • Bee's Dance Elixir - 5ml
        Communication - Creativity
      • Bee's wings Elixir - 5ml
        Great ambitions - Fulfill your dreams
      • Beeswax Cake Elixir - 5ml
        Conflict resolution - Self assertiveness
      • Beez'nergy TONIC FRICTION +
        3 in 1 Body lotion with black propolis from the Pyrenees.

        With the multi-purpose Beez'nergy Tonic Friction +, ultra-natural made with love from happy bees. Get over you, take care of your body and watch over nature.

      • Brood Comb Elixir - 5ml
        Family Harmony - Child bearing
      • Dodo Syrup with my friend the moon
        An artisanal, organic syrup for restful sleep and calm nerves.
        • 100% organic
        • Soft, soothing formula created specially for children
      • Emergency Spray - 15ml Nomad Format

        A spray made from black propolis extract (57g propolis per 100g organic cognac). Efficient and portable protective cure for dry, cold conditions, and irritated throats. For a fast-acting comforting effect in all seasons.

        For adults only.

      • Energised organic preparation : the four forces of our hives and rosehip
        Physical energy & Intellectual. Food supplement
      • Energised organic preparation: white French propolis

        Purify and strengthen your body at any time thanks to our organic white propolis preparation: rich in white propolis (625mg), acting in synergy with active beehive ingredients from living countrysides (pollen, royal jelly, honey, "Bee Venom" Elixir). Protects and stimulates natural defences: winter, immune system, travel, stress...

      • Energized Royal Jelly Ampoules - 10 pack

        Regenerative royal jelly preparations in convenient one-use doses. Ideal for quick energy boosts in times of stress or intense focus. Prepared with honey for a delicious taste. 

        Dietary and Mental Supplement: Single dose, traditional, glass ampoules.

      • Eucalyptus Pyrenean Gums
        For irritated throats. Powerful, purifying and toning action.
      • Exyma®
        Purifying care - Skin relief
        Exyma® is a purifying water and soothing nomadic spray. Ideal for skins prone to atopic dermatitis, hypersensitivities and allergies or simply weakened by the sun, shaving, waxing, or after an intense effort. The spray soothes and relieves the sensation of itching for dry to very dry skins.
      • Facetted eye Elixir - 5ml
        Intuition and perceptiveness
      • French Black Propolis Extract - 100%

        A powerful multi-purpose care product for an enhanced natural protection of your body. The high concentration of black propolis extract promotes a fast action, and activates your natural defences, fortifies your body while helping it to re-establish its equilibrium in a durable way.

        For adults only.

      • Grog Brrr !
        Warming grog with forest honey, black propolis and cajeput.
      • Healing honey : Honey & Fresh Propolis

        Are you feeling weak or tired? The Honey & Fresh Propolis Healing Honey Preparation brings tonicity to your system, restores your full energy and strengthens your natural defences. We use our latest harvest of fresh propolis which is rich in optimal benefits. The honey provides a better assimilation. The preparation tastes great and is truly rich in minerals. It has powerful and effective toning, respiratory and digestive properties. It's easy to use and is suitable for children and fragile persons.

      • Healing honey with fresh polyfloral pollen

        Physical & Intelectual stimulant: Strengthen your vitality and prepare your organism to physical and intellectual effort. How does it works ? The fresh polyfloral pollen is potted at harvest, fresh polyfloral pollen is best suited to maintain and enhance vitality. Its virtues are optimal. Chestnut honey is rich in minerals, fructose and glucose. Honey is a powerful force that optimises the bioavailability of pollen.

      • Healing Honey with organic royal jelly

        Deep and lasting action. The Royal jelly and honey act in synergy for a profound action. This healing honey combines the revitalising properties of royal jelly associated to remineralising effects of honey. Highly rich in energised active principals. The honey allows the optimisation of the assimilation of royal jelly. Our preparation has a wonderful taste and has a long conservation at room temperature. 

      • Heaven's Dew Elixir - 5ml
        Joy of living, youthfulness
      • Hive Breathing Air Elixir - 5ml
        Hope and New life
      • Hive Elixirs by Catherine Flurin
        Ce n’est pas tous les jours que des produits de santé totalement innovants, utilisables par tous et d’une innocuité maximale sont proposés au grand public. Heinemann l’a fait en son temps avec l’homéopathie, le docteur Bach également avec les élixirs floraux, dits Fleurs de Bach, Catherine Flurin poursuit dans cette voie aujourd’hui avec les Élixirs de la ruche.
      • Hive Wood Elixir - 5ml
        Protection - Success - Self confidence
      • Honey and Herb Infusion for Sleep
        Find a truly relaxing sleep with our delicious and all natural preparation of honey and herbs. Infusion of raw linden tree honey and lemon balm tincture, to dilute and drink in hot water.

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