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      • Beez'nergy TONIC FRICTION +
        3 in 1 Body lotion with black propolis from the Pyrenees.

        With the multi-purpose Beez'nergy Tonic Friction +, ultra-natural made with love from happy bees. Get over you, take care of your body and watch over nature.

      • Emergency Spray - 15ml Nomad Format

        A spray made from black propolis extract (57g propolis per 100g organic cognac). Efficient and portable protective cure for dry, cold conditions, and irritated throats. For a fast-acting comforting effect in all seasons.

        For adults only.

      • Exyma®
        Purifying care - Skin relief
        Exyma® is a purifying water and soothing nomadic spray. Ideal for skins prone to atopic dermatitis, hypersensitivities and allergies or simply weakened by the sun, shaving, waxing, or after an intense effort. The spray soothes and relieves the sensation of itching for dry to very dry skins.
      • Organic Black Propolis Spray
        A powerful, organic multi-purpose cure for enhanced natural protection against illness, infection, and health other problems. The high concentration of polyphenols and antioxidants in black propolis allows for fast reinforcement of your natural defences, fortifying your body and helping re-establish a healthy internal balance. The spray format allows for easy portability and use. 

        Contains alcohol, for adults only.
      • Organic Propolis Alcohol-Free Spray
        Propolis has an action on skin imperfections, on oral hygiene and also activates natural immunity. Our propolis spray is practical, easy to carry around with you and regulates the natural defences, purifies, cleanses and regenerates blemished skin. We make this alcohol-free propolis spray with spring water from the Pyrenees which offers freshness and hydration to your skin at all times.
      • Pyrenean Nasal Spray

        This alcohol-free nasal spray is perfect for protection against dry, cold, or polluted air. Clear and protect your nose naturally at any time with this exclusive isotonic preparation without alcohol. 99.2% organic local white propolis extracts and rustic local plants.

      • Smile Spray - Alcohol-free

        Our organic and alcohol-free Smile Spray purifies breath and clears the throat. It is ideal for speakers, salespeople, singers, smokers, etc. Refresh your mouth with all natural and gentle products: rediscover pleasant breath and a cleared throat with our exclusive balancing and energetic isotonic preparation. Very practical and discreet, you can easily take it everywhere with you and use in any situation thanks to its spray nozzle. The Smile Spray protects against strong odours: tobacco, coffee, garlic, cheeses, spices, etc.

      • Spray SOS à l'élixir venin
        Le Spray SOS à l’élixir de la Ruche® "Venin d'Abeille" vous soutient et agit sur vos réactions émotionnelles fortes.
        • Validé par les tests de cristallisation sensible qui démontrent une énergie vibratoire forte et une activité dynamisante
        • Format nomade
        • Anti-stress

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