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      Depuis des millénaires, les trésors vivants de la ruche (propolis, gelée royale, pollen,...) ont inspiré des recettes remarquables naturelles de soin et beauté. Uniques et précieuses, nos préparations Apicosmétiques vous accompagnent dans la quête d’une beauté naturelle, saine et sans artifice.

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      • Beekeeper's Anti-aging Cream
        Gently slow down the effects of time Anti-wrinkle Intense face lifting.

        The Beekeeper has concocted for you a natural alchemy of pure apiarian ingredients from our fields, enriched with plants, to help your skin renew itself by stimulating its natural self-regulating processes. Thus, in the course of the applications, recover a healthy, revitalised skin, a fresh complexion, smoother lines. Suitable for all types of skin and delicate skin.
      • Beekeeper's Sensitive Skin Cream
        Beauty of sensitive skins - calms, moisturises and regenerates.
        An energetic but sensitive woman, the Beekeeper gives you a complete beneficial cream that pampers skin sensitive to stress, external changes (cold, heat, pollution), chafing with a tendency to redden and tighten. Naturally restores your skin to become soft and velvety again. Very mild for the sensitive skin of children.
      • Black Propolis Soap - 100g
        Intense but gentle, this soap highly concentrated in black propolis (bees' natural bactericide) provides a complete face and body hygiene. It is particularly suitable for people with skin imperfections (skins juveniles), and oily skin problems. It helps fight against perspiration odors and provides a natural hygiene at all times: swimming pool, sea, sports, DIY, housework...
        Concentrated black propolis extract (naturally purifying ingredient from the hive).
      • Coffret "Cocooning de la Ruche"

        Regular Price: 58.77€

        Special Price 55.00€

        Prenez du temps pour vous, laissez-vous transporter par l'amour des abeilles de nos campagnes, avec ce coffret "Cocooning de la ruche", offrez-vous du bien-être !
        • Soins tout doux de la ruche
        • Bougie Votive, purifiante
        • Un grog "Dormiiir" reconfortant et relaxant
      • Exfoliant "Grains de Miel"
        Soft, exfoliating, no-rinse scrub with chestnut honey and white propolis.
        • Very gentle exfoliant
        • No rinsing
        • No alcohol or microplastics
      • Innocent Facial Mask
        Complete Detoxifying Mask - Face and neck.

        Provide your face with the care it deserves to recover its original pureness and a great softness: the Beekeeper has created for you a powerful synergy of black honey and propolis from the mountains. Meant for the local skin defects and the oily and problem skin, this detoxifying mask will purify and soften your face providing it a great luminosity.

        Enrich with Elixir "Hive breathing air," it acts positively on emotions helping to purify it.

        Leaves the skin with a fine and gentle feel. Easy application, face neck & cleavage. 

      • Intimate hygiene cleansing bar
        Natural intimate hygiene. Brown, mysterious and gentle, this concentrated treatment soap with propolis, cleans perfectly and maintains the natural intimate balance
        Suitable after sport activities (biking, swimming, horse riding) and intense heat. - The brown propolis, harvested in spring respects and balances skin flora. The honey from the hillsides, originating from a diversified flora and vegetal oils, purifies and soothes. The Elixir "Mating flight " helps you to accept your inner male and female part identity.
      • Lait de Ruche
        This beneficial, home-concocted cream nourishes and guards delicate skin for even the most outdoorsy families. Ideal in winter, to shelter you from the cold
        • Hydrating & Protecting
        • Made without alcohol for sensitive skin
        • 90% natural active ingredients
      • Organic Make-up remover
        Make-up remover 3 in 1

        Very smooth and exceptionally rich in honey of the Adour (30%), the honey make-up remover gel perfectly cleanses, removes makeup and purifies intensely in 2 easy moves. Lather and rinse, for a pure and soft skin.

        Suitable for all skin types, even difficult and delicate.

        The communelle of the hive Elixirs (28%), subtly cleanses the skin with 2 easy moves and contributes to emotional balance. 

        Out of stock

      • Pansamiel® - Honey in tube

        Pansamiel® is a 100% natural solution to repair skin rapidly with its organic honey in an airless tube in case of a domestic accident.

      • Peau rajeunie, rayonnante et pure

        Regular Price: 62.90€

        Special Price 50.32€

        Je protège ma peau avec les abeilles libres et des soins issus de ruchers polarisés.
      • Pyrenees Healing Balm
        Protects - Soothes - Cleanses
        Inspired by an old shepherd's recipe, this multipurpose regenerating balm is a faithful friend for any occasion. This product is concentrated in black propolis and beeswax from our hives and rich in medicinal plants, it protects and repairs lips and skin.
        Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, and children over the age of 7. Pleasant and natural fragrance.  
      • Pyrenees Healing Balm - 7ml
        Protects - Soothes - Cleanses
        Inspired by an old shepherd's recipe, this multipurpose regenerating balm is a faithful friend for any occasion. This propolis balm is concentrated in organic black propolis and beeswax from our hives and rich in medicinal plants, it protects and repairs lips and skin.
        Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, and children over the age of 7. Pleasant and natural fragrance.  
        Pocket size.
      • Queen's Eyes Contour Cream
        Queen’s Eyes, for reducing wrinkles and puffy eyes. Rich in hive-origin active ingredients, it stimulates and softly smooths the sensitive skin around the eyes and lips.
        • Brighten up your look
        • Made with organic royal jelly and white propolis extract
        • Energised formula, tested under dermatological control
      • Ravishing teen's skin
        Cleansing and Purifying. For problem skins.
        Amber, luminous and intense, Ravishing teen's skin uses the vivid energy of bees to give your face its freshness, purity, and softness back every day. Ideal for teenagers. Suitable for all skin types including oily, and juvenile skin problems.
      • Rescue Cream
        Restorative and protective care - Damaged skins
        This propolis cream is ideal for open air activities (the sun, the cold, the wind), it is a non-oily restorative care product that you can easily apply to your face, neck and fragile or exposed parts of the body (elbows, knees, thighs). Designed for all types of skin: dry, reactive, irritated, subject to red blotches. Suitable for children over 36 months. For your lips and the extremities (hands, feet) we recommend the Pyrenees Healing Balm.
      • Rescue hand balm
        The rescue hand balm is a dedicated friend that protects damaged, fragile hands: domestic work, outdoor, urban pollution...

        4 in 1 hand balm: soothes, relieves, repairs and moisturises generously dry, damaged and chapped hands.

      • Round seasons : universal organic unguent
        Round seasons - Body - Face - Hair
        The organic universal unguent is a precious ultra nourishing for the body, face, and hair and adapts to the seasons and understands your needs! It prepares and hydrates your skin in the summer, relaxes and nourishes it in the autumn, reinvigorates it in the winter and purifies it in the spring. We have given it a texture that is fluid and pleasant to apply. It is ideal after exposure to the sun. Throughout all the seasons it lavishes its bounty on your skin and hair, even very dry skin thanks to its enriched formula in honey, royal jelly, propolis, beeswax, pollen and bee venom elixir. The light, neutral fragrance comes from the ingredients.
      • White honey soap from our countrysides
        Provide your skin and senses with the fabulous properties of white beauty honey and energetic elixirs. This very mild multi-use soap cleanses and softens skin gently and perfectly. Natural and discreet scent.
      • Wonderful Lip Balm
        Glossy effect - Nourishes - Regenerates - Protects

        This beauty treatment is a rich substance made with pure ingredients from the hive, enriched with plants from our fields, embellishes, nourishes, regenerates and tones the lips.


      • Yellow propolis tablets with Hive Elixirs

        Nutricosmetic dietary supplement. The yellow propolis extract purifies and cleanses your skin from the inside, and the hive elixirs act positively on your emotional sphere.

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