Même Pas Mal Topical Spray



A comforting organic spray : Repair and reassure! An uplifting cure for our adventurous little bees : Perfect for after outdoor activities (biking, tobogganing, skateboarding, sports, etc).

Made with a calendula infusion and white (water-based) propolis extract, artisianally prepared to calm and heal our little ones.

12 EUR
Apiculture DOUCE
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Dès 36 mois
Made in Hautes-Pyrénées
Sans alcool

Additional Information

A family recipe created with love for our adventurous little ones

Our beekeepers keep their apiaries and gardens filled with good things to help heal and calm their kids.  

Made from organic, traditional ingredients found in the Pyrenees

> Alcohol-free white propolis extract : Harvested from our Pyrenean hives, our propolis is one of the best in the world. Subject of numerous scientific studies which have confirmed is rich polyphenol and antioxidant content.
> Calendula and ribwort Infusion : Traditional French plants from the mountains which have been known and used for their benefits to young and old since ancient times.
> Salt from Salies-de-Béarn : Diluted in the prepartion, this local salt allows for an isotonic solution perfectly calibrated for skin osmosis

Portable, practical format

The spray format prevents skin irritation and optimizes hygiene through its efficient yet limited skin contact. Bring it anywhere to take care of your children in an instant.


Natural Care

Made in the French Pyrenees. Garanti sans gluten, ni emulsifiant, ni épaississant, ni conservateur, ni arôme artificiel, sans alcool, sans cortisone.


calendula extract*, white propolis extract*, ribwort extract*, salt from Salies-de-Béarn.
*Certified organic ingredients

Our Beekeeping Parents Suggest

1. Spray 2-3 times on clean skin.

2. Pat dry or let dry through air contact.

3. Continue treatment for several days for optimal effect.

The "Même pas mal !" Topical Spray is totally natural and can be also safely ingested.


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