Des mamans et papas apiculteurs ont mis plein de bonnes choses de leurs ruchers bio et du jardin bio pour aider nos petits.

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  • Cleansing foam from our little beehive - 150ml
    Hair, Face & Body
    Daily cleansing foam for babies. We have designed this washing foam for infants and people with sensitive skin. This daily care made with lavender honey from our apiaries and organic french floral water of Melissa offers the babies a natural reinforced hygiene. Ideal for sensitive and reactive skin, and can be used for children, adolescents and adults! Artisanal preparation. Light and gentle foam without soap, alcohol, gluten or silicon. Natural scent.
  • Guardian Gummy Bears
    Made from organic honey and propolis to sooth sore throats. These fruit flavored bears protect against any malady brought on by cold humidity, winds, frigid nights, winter or seasonal changes.  This apitherapeutic candy comes in 3 delicious flavors to get you through the toughest colds. Perfect for both children and adults.
  • Même Pas Mal Topical Spray

    A comforting organic spray : Repair and reassure! An uplifting cure for our adventurous little bees : Perfect for after outdoor activities (biking, tobogganing, skateboarding, sports, etc).

    Made with a calendula infusion and white (water-based) propolis extract, artisianally prepared to calm and heal our little ones.

  • Sirop Dodo avec mon amie la lune
    Le sirop artisanal bio qui favorise un bon sommeil, facilite l’endormissement et réduit les états de nervosité.
    • 100% bio
    • Formule douce et apaisante
  • Super Bee! Fortifying Syrup
    A fortifying and invigorating organic syrup!
    A true magic potion filled with energy from our bees and completely chemical free, it helps naturally reinforce the blooming vitality of your child. Helps protect against winter cold and the seasonal change to spring.

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