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      Bee Yoga & Api-puncture

      Come vibrate with bees and learn the art of api-puncture

      1 to 3 day workshops to discover unique health and healing methods in complete, immersive harmony with these magical insects and the natural world

      May 20th, 21st, 22nd with Catherine Flurin & Antonio Couto

      General program

      • 8:30am to 12:00 pm: Venom Therapy by Antonio Couto
      • 12:30 to 2:00pm: Lunch break: Organic picnic, food provided by reservation. You can also bring your own picnic.
      • 2:00pm to 6:30pmBee Yoga® by Catherine Flurin
      • After 6:30pm (Monday or Tuesday): Free time for mixing and mingling, healthy aperitif, evening walks, etc.

      Who is the training for?

      Health professionals wanting to discover a proven method of natural treatment, and anyone interested by apitherapeutic care and intimate connection with the sensitive world of bees.


      Rates & Registration

      1 day package (exclusively Monday, May 20): 180€ with "Early Bee" registration, payment up to 20 days before the start of the workshop. Later registration: 200€.
      Package of 3 days: 505€ with "Early Bee" registration, payment up to 20 days before the start of the workshop. Later egistration 555€.

      Drinks are included.

      Registration deadline: May 12, 2019.

      Detailed program of the training

      Part 1: Bee Venom Therapy by Antonio Couto

      Api-puncture is a Japanese method of bee venom therapy using acupuncture points. Api-puncture is part of apitherapy.

      Level 1 : Definition of apitherapy, overview of its history, anatomy and behaviour of the bee. Bee venom - chemical characteristics, biological activity, composition/ action, medical properties, acupuncture and adverse reactions to bee venom therapy, potential acupuncture points, pharmaceutical preparations
      Active Practice : Different techniques of micro api-puncture, different stregths of micro api-puncture (levels 0 to 5), allergy test, identification of points on the patient’s body, reduction of pain caused by therapy, cosmetic use with bee venom, protocols for various problems.

      Level 2 Theory : Use of bee venom with different therapies such as reflexology, honey massage, drops, suction cups, Schiele bath. Protocols for problems/ diseases indicated by each participant with all methods learned at levels 1 and 2 with practical demonstrations.

      Part 2 : Immersion with Bees by Catherine Flurin

      Goal of the training : Bee Yoga® is a unique natural practice, internationally recognized for those who seek a better self-knowledge and desire to communicate with the animal world for a mutual well-being.

      Program : The program may vary depending on the status of the bees, the biodynamic calendar and the weather.

      1. Introduction to Bee Meditation
      2. Handling and connecting with bees, without protection 
      3. Dynamizing hive siesta 
      4. Honey massage by bees

      Practical details of the training

      Before coming, please don’t forget to bring :

      • Light cotton clothes for day time, and warmer clothes for the evening
      • Full sized bath towel and a small towel for honey massages
      • A hat for sun protection


      Avoid synthetic clothes, unnaturally perfumed products (deodorant, perfumes, etc.) and makeup. Stay as natural as possible, a small Ballot-Flurin toiletries kit will be provided.


      • Free tent accommodation, tents and mattresses provided. Towels and sleeping bags must be brought by the attendee
      • Rooms available at Happy Coulson B&B in Lahitte-Toupière
      • Other possible accommodations in Vic-en-Bigorre and Vidouze, please contact us for more details.

      Registration and / or information

      To register and / or for more information, please contact us on +33 (0) 7 88 85 39 64 or fill out the following questionnaire: I am applying for registration